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It?s not enough just to write about it

It’s not enough just to write about it. We have to LIVE our truth, too, & none of us are totally there yet. I’m still judgmental sometimes. I still have days where I don’t like my body. I’m not perfect, but this isn’t a “woe is me” story. Just like you, I’m doing the best I can with what I’ve got.
Sometimes I think, ‘After five years, what do I really have left to say?’ But then I realise that as long as I’m still living, learning & exploring, I still have things to pass on. The more I can work on myself — my self-esteem, my own radical self love journey — the more I can help you with your own adventure. When I’m able to see more of the world & educate myself, & when I’m able to take more risks, I’m able to inspire you in even greater ways. As Ana?s Nin once said, “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
Even though it’s not always easy for any of us, it’s so important to maintain a positive attitude about our own lives. A few years ago, one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to live the fairytale, & I do my best with that every day.
Over the next year, I want to learn more skills, & read more books. I want to take — & teach! — more classes,christian louboutin, & speak to more people. (More! More! More!) I want to create beautiful, tangible pieces of work for people to hold & adore. I want to continue demonstrating what it looks like to be a love letter to the universe, & to support you in your journey of self-adoration.
As my friend once said to me, to do wicked magic you have to love yourself from morning to night. It’s this attitude that I hope to carry with me for the rest of my days.
Here’s to five years of splendor, & many, many more!
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[ 30 November 2011, 11:22 ]
Can you believe it? FIVE YEARS! I can hardly wrap my brain around it! It has been an incredible ride, & as silly as it might sound to say that creating this blog changed my life, nothing could be more true. It is the best thing I’ve ever done.
You have been with me through so much. From the extremely humble beginnings in my apartment in Melbourne, to the bright lights big city vibe of New York City — & about a hundred other cities in-between! — you have kept me company, inspired me & made me smile. You’ve stuck with me through multiple boyfriends, oodles of apartments & plenty of ill-advised style moments! You celebrated with us when Mike & I got engaged & married, & you’ve fallen in love with Hank & Dolly like they’re your own,christian louboutin pas cher!
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Happiness Ditch people who drain your Qi or otherwise take your

Happiness: Ditch people who drain your Qi or otherwise take your goodness for granted. Artistically, it??s time to put it out there. Anticipate dramatic changes in friendships, with some surprise re-entries back into your life. Bizarre but brilliant alternative health practices benefit beauty, well-being and peace of mind. Many of you are clucky, having babies and/or loving chez Virgo and family life more than ever. From July, you reinvent yourself as a biz whiz.
Love: It??s your absolute most officially lucky phase for true love in 12 years. For the first time since 1998, you have got lucky Jupiter gracing your relationship sector. The optimal times for love: January 18 till June 6 and then September onward. Existing partnerships are blessed ?C you two can definitely profit together. Solo Virgos meet a new person who is extremely good for you, an official ??catch?? and adoring of you. A positive attitude helps unlock the luck.

Style: As your appreciation for gorgeous clothes and cosmetics testifies, Libra is the archetypal sign of beauty. In 2010, you have Saturn in your sign to contend with. This is your cosmic cue to add in a strategic element to image and grooming. Self-control and planning bring brilliant results when aligned with your natural-born feminine prettiness. Saturn also signifies investment jewellery and the desire to measure time with a meaningful watch.
Happiness: Saturn in your sign only happens once every 29 years, prompting you to unleash courage and a steelier persona onto those who would underestimate you. Don??t let them mistake your incredible charm for weakness. You enjoy fabulously transformative home stars and the chance to radically alter chez Libra so that it is far more you. Jan and July coincide with significant shifts in real estate, your key residence, attitudes to family and d??cor concepts.
Love: A mid-year love quake may manifest as a surprise suitor or your sudden yearnings to be emancipated. This astro-passage only occurs once every 84 years and it??s affecting you from June. Think fast change,christian louboutin pas cher, a thrilling romantic life and unconventional relationships. eg; A way younger lover,christian louboutin, someone who lives far away. However this plays out, expect that your boredom threshold is going to be much lower. Pity the person who tries to fence you in.

Style: Scorps are either witches skulking in sheep??s clothing ?C yoga wear, urban warrior conservative office uniform ?C or they??re insanely charismatic and dramatic. With macho Mars dominating your public image sector until June, you now switching to full stun mode 24-7. Think in terms of your cosmic colours ?Cblue and purple ?C with extreme design that only you could carry off. You??re adept at scent warfare and topaz is your personal powerstone.
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[ 21 May 2011

[ 21 May 2011, 22:01 ]
My first experience in a nail salon was when I came to New York City in September of 2006. I was staying in the at the time. Every day we would would go out & discover the city, & return to the room in the evening bearing flowers or Chinese food. One night,christian louboutin pas cher, my boyfriend was sleeping, & I ventured out into the street to get my nails done.
I walked into this crazy, frantic place full of women who didn’t speak very good English, & a bunch of bored-looking American ladies. I had never had my nails done before, so had no idea what the procedure was. I was laughing & smiling at the ridiculousness of the whole affair, but the woman who was working on me was not amused. She performed her rote tasks & sent me on my way. It was an uninspiring beginning, to say the least!
Despite my dour debut, I was committed to the search for a better manicure experience. I have encountered many, many other nail salons since. Thankfully, none were as disappointing as my first! In fact, you could say that they keep getting better & better.
I discovered when I moved to the East Village two years ago,christian louboutin, & I adore them. They take their time, which I appreciate. I go to Galleria to relax. I don’t want to rush my mani/pedi experience! Yeah, take your time, girl! Scrub my calluses! Massage my legs! Make it count! Ooh, yeah! I adore Galleria & recommend them to everyone. They are fantastic. HEAPS of my readers go there now too, which makes me feel really good!
But… well… you know, I have this obsession with bigger & bolder. I always want more. It has gotten me into trouble more than once, but now I manage to restrict my bigger-better complex to certain facets of my life. Nails, for example. It is okay to trade up when it comes to nails!
I had had enough of OPI nailpolishes with a bit of sparkle thrown in. I wanted BLING on my nails. I wanted something truly ridiculous & over-the-top. It’s pretty safe to say that Japanese women have the lockdown on c-r-a-z-y nails, & I wanted to experience it for myself!
That’s how, on Friday evening, I experienced my first ever manicure. Calgel is a nail treatment which is painted on & then essentially baked to harden. It doesn’t damage your natural nails & allows them to grow long & strong — always an issue for me, my nails break if I look at them funny! Calgel also creates a fantastic base for all kinds of nail art. It is pretty much the manicure holy grail.
I had known about Calgel for AGES, & as such, I had done my research. By all accounts, in the East Village was the place to go — & even better, on the same street as my favourite juice bar!
I had such a great time, but it didn’t come off entirely without a hitch. Firstly, the appointment I had made a week in advance had mysteriously disappeared from their calendar. They had no record of me! At all! After searching for my name & phone number in their system, & apologising profusely, I said I’d go home, check my calendar & book for another time. Administrative issues be damned; I wanted those Calgels!
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